Assembly Guide

Attaching the LiPo Battery

1. Use 3M tapes to elevate the battery holding deck. Ensure it is level with the top surface of the microcontroller
2. Connect the battery to the drone using the provided connector. Figure 4 – 3M Tape Attached on top of the Drone PC
3. Secure the battery onto the 3M tape, ensuring proper alignment and stability

Mounting the Optical Flow Deck

1. Align the arrows on the Optical Flow deck with those on the drone’s PCB.
2. Attach the Optical Flow deck to the bottom pin array of the drone’s PCB, ensuring the arrows remain matched.

Replacing Propellers

1. Using a flat edge, gently push the center of the propeller upwards while stabilizing the motor and
its holders.

2. Align the center hole of the new propeller with the motor axle and press down gently until

Replacing Motor

1. Remove the propeller and propeller guard.

2. Disconnect the motor connector from the PCB.

3. Gently pull the motor upwards from its holder.

4. Install the new motor, routing the connector cable appropriately.

5. Reconnect the motor connector.

6. Reinstall the propeller guard and propeller.

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